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Produkty reprezentowane przez jedną markę, współtworzą silny wizerunek marki głównej. W opinii Jacka Sadowskiego, prezesa firmy Demo Effective Launching, która posługując się innowacyjną metodologią Product Concept stworzyła i wprowadziła na rynek już ponad marek, z tego połowę to marki spożywcze — a w kategorii mlecznej — tak znane brandy jak jogurty Bakoma, Twist, Bakuś, mleko Hej!

In the article by Howard Pong Yuen LAM and other co-authors, they report the successful case of using two brand names—dual branding strategy—by practitioners in China for the Minute Maid Orange Pulp juice drink launch.

A suggestive parent brand name communicates the benefits of the product category. A dual branding strategy addresses the problem of using only one brand name for a new product launch. After the successful launch of the first strategia parasolowa product by a parent brand, marketers are able to launch other new products under other sub-brand names in the future to meet different consumer needs.

Marketers may use the same parent brand to introduce different products to build scale for the brand, and are able to clearly differentiate the different product offerings under different subbrand names. If a company acquires a brand from another company, a marketer may position the acquired brand as a sub-brand under the parent brand if the marketer has defined the business scope of the parent brand broadly strategia parasolowa and with a suggestive parent brand name.

All products under the same corporate umbrella masterbrand providing structure and credibility to other products of the corporation are expected to have uniform strategia parasolowa and user experience e. All products carrying the parent brand must be of the same high quality standards.

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Whether the products may act as substitutes for each other. The brand equity of a corporation e. Whether the brand is known in its product market. Theories[ edit ] Various theories attempt Jak zostac kupcem binarnym explain a consumer's decisions and judgements during product purchasing that cause umbrella branding to be a successful marketing strategy.

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Categorisation theory[ edit ] The categorisation theory is based upon the notion that consumers tend to categorise products by associating them to brands and their past experiences with those particular brands stored in their category memory in order to evade the initial confusion caused by the extensive strategia parasolowa of products they are presented with. New information on certain products are categorised into various sections such as product class e.

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Coca-Cola and then stored. Afterwards, consumers evaluate the product quality through past experiences with the brand's products as well as the brand equity.

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Consumers tend to evaluate new products not only by positive brand equity but also if the brand's concept is consistent with their extended products. Schema congruity theory[ edit ] The schema congruity theory suggests that the storage of new information and retrieval of memory is majorly influenced by past expectations.

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Nonetheless, the new information is firstly evaluated on the basis of existing schemas. Relating the theory to consumer evaluation of products, a consumer already possesses pre-existing schemas from past experiences with certain brands and therefore new products are evaluated based on the existing schema the consumer has with the certain brand. This theory is quite similar to the categorisation theory; however, the schema congruity theory strategia parasolowa emphasis on the consumer's past experiences with the brand which is strategia parasolowa by the surrounding environment.

Main article: Confirmation bias Confirmation bias is a form of statistical bias, describing the tendency to seek for or interpret evidence in ways that support one's existing beliefs. Benefits[ edit ] Umbrella branding has become a popular marketing practice utilised by companies due to its various potential benefits.

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Such marketing practice may create advertising efficiencies through the reduced costs of brand development. Furthermore, a company benefits from advertising efficiencies since umbrella branding focuses on the promotion of a single brand rather, than multiple ones.

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For instance, Apple Inc. Macbook ProApple Watch to their line and benefits from past marketing since consumers use previous information to make an inference about a product with the same brand name, allowing Apple to focus on promoting the corporate brand, rather than multiple individual brands.

Additionally, the use of umbrella branding does not prevent companies from implementing other methods of brand extension, enabling them to remain flexible with marketing strategies. Secondly, the consumer's experience with one umbrella branded product may affect their perception of other products and services falling under the same corporate umbrella as well as the brand itself.

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  1. In the article by Howard Pong Yuen LAM and other co-authors, they report the successful case of using two brand names—dual branding strategy—by practitioners in China for the Minute Maid Orange Pulp juice drink launch.
  2. Strukturę architektury marki określają potrzeby związane z zarządzaniem i komunikacją marki.
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Consequently, if one umbrella branded product does not satisfy the consumer's expectations, the other products sold under the same brand are also likely to Drapiezna strategia handlowa. For instance, the Starbucks brand is associated to coffee-related products and therefore consumers would mainly recognise the brand on products related to the specific market.

Lastly, cannibalisation reduction in sales volume due to the introduction of a new product by the same company may result when related products are introduced under the same corporate brand as internal product competition will lead to consumers choosing between products from the same brand, stunting future investment into product creation Opcje ryzyka towarowa nagroda the same product line under the corporate umbrella.

Starbucks Corporation[ strategia parasolowa ] Starbucks Corporation operating as Starbucks coffee is an American multinational coffee company, which markets all of their products under their corporate brand name.

Some products produced by Starbucks include: Starbucks Coffee Strategia parasolowa types of coffees. Virgin has 33 branches that operate under the Virgin name; however, strategia parasolowa practice of umbrella branding is observed in their industry-specific brands e.

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Corporate brand logo.